Rules of the Forums and Server.

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Rules of the Forums and Server. Empty Rules of the Forums and Server.

Post by Babylon98 on Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:36 pm

Server Rules:

1. Don't RDM.

2. Don't Minge Grab

3. Don't Minge run

4. Don't Minge punch

5. No Lua Manipulations or Hacks of any Kind.

6. Respect the Staff team And their Decisions, If you feel a decision is false, please create a Complaint against said Staff Member/Decision

7. ERP Is not allowed.

8. Do not Abuse Whitelists

9. Do not Metagame

10. Do not power game

11. Do not Char swap to avoid Situations

12. Do not Leave the Server to Avoid Situations.

13. Do not act OOCLY ICLY.

14. Respect Everyone.

Forum Rules:

1. Do not post any NFSW Like posts in any of the Forum Pages.

2. Respect Staff Team Decisions.

3. No Spamming

4. No flaming

5. Do not abuse or Encourage Abusing.

6. Do not Advertise another server on the forums.

7. No Alt Accounts.

8. Do not share accounts unless if it is a Forum unban for another person.

9. Respect Everyone.

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