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Roleplay Basics! Empty Roleplay Basics!

Post by Babylon98 on Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:06 pm

Hello! If your new to Half-Life Two RP. This Guide is for you! I'll make this nice and simple but you'll hopefully get the basics!

Now here's the Guide.

When your joining Hl2RP for the first time, You'll want to make your first Character. A Name that cant be based off of someone very well known. They also cant be Throw-Away or Memey Characters. So have a name like "Jole Roland" And have a description like this "Height 6,3|Weight 200 lbs|Blonde Hair|Hazel eyes|Scruffy beard|Rough Australian voice|Standard Citizen Uniform|Brown Worker Boots|Scars covering hands|White Undershirt|Belt Holding Pants in place" Something like that.

Next you'll need to learn how to RP. When in the server you must be IC (In Character) At all times. You can however discuss in LOOC [[ [Local Out of character] Or GOOC // [Global Out of Character] Next you'll need to understand that you musnt be meamy or other things that would make it Out of Character. Finally you'll need to understand certain commands such as...

/me This allows you to perform actions Such as "Jole Roland: He'd stumble down onto the street, He'd be carrying a Beer Bottle. He'd seem to be compleatly out of it uttering unintellegable swears and words."

/y This allows you to yell if you need too.

/w This allows you to wisper

/adminhelp This is simple. You request for a Admin.

/radio This is self explanitory you simply Radio on a designated Radio Channel.

/pm Talk to someone Privately

/anim These do a range of animations, Though you can access these in the F1 menu.

/apply Here you say your name and CID when a Civil Protection Unit asks.

/charfallover This causes your character to fall over into a Ragdoll. Be warned you can be picked up. This can be accessed in the f1 menu.

/charphysdescription Change your Physical Description. Can be done in F1 menu aswell.

/charsearch Can be done when a Player is tied. Mostly done on CCA although it can be done on other Factions.

/chartie self explanitory. Ties a character

/it Describes a local Action or event. I:E: /it "Jole Rolands Gunshot wound would gush blood. He'd appear deathly pale, His eyes would begin to close as he nears death."

/mec Describes a action like /me but it works like wisper.

/mel Like /me but it works like yell.

/name Says your name

/namesay Says your name informally.

/request Requests Civil Protection. Request Device REQUIRED.

/roll It works as a way to resolve a situation I:E: Battle. Can also be used agreed upon by the entire group participating.

/scream Makes you scream. Simple.

/setfreq Sets your radio Frequency.

Now as for RP, You must act like your under the combine Rule, Your Oppressed. Possibly Sad. Possibly Rebellious. The Civil Protection is Harsh. Your housing is harsh. Your world is harsh. Conversations are dulled...

And this is the basic Guide to HL2RP I hope you learned something! If you didnt, Please look at other guides. Maybe those can help you further! We hope you have fun on our server

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