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Vortigaunt Application Format Empty Vortigaunt Application Format

Post by Babylon98 on Mon Mar 27, 2017 5:22 pm

Steam Name:

Steam Profile Link:

Steam ID:

Why do you want to be an Enslaved/Freed Vortigaunt?: (1 Paragraph Minimum)

Do you have any previous experience as Enslaved or Freed Vortigaunt?:

Give an Example Enslaved Vortigaunt Description:

Give an Example Freed Vortigaunt Description:

Character Backstory: (3 Paragraph Minimum)

Give some examples of Enslaved and Freed Roleplay: (15 /me Minimum, from all sides)

What is your role as an Enslaved Vortigaunt?: (1 Paragraph Minimum)

What is your role as a Freed Vortigaunt?: (1 Paragraph Minimum)

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