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Post by August Rakete on Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:52 am

(Until this ugly forum is fixed this shall be the outline when I'm on lunch ill work on it but I gotta still do Marcel..)
[::Madison Jasmine Plyer::]
[::Theme Song::]
[F6GMVUrVLNc] (Plop that into your YouTube web link if you are so interested...)
[Date of Birth] [Redacted] (Aged 20)
[Country of Birth] Washington DC, USA
[Nationality] American
[Citizenships] USA-duel citizenship \ German-duel citizenship
[Known Languages] English, German
[Former Occupation] Civil Engineer Apprenticeship
[Former Education] Highschool diploma, uncompleted bacholeor degree in engineering, equilvant so far to associate.
[Former Experiences] N/A
[Former Achievements]
Top two out of ten in her Highschool honors class.
Won a national science fair at second place.
Took basic medical class:first aid.
[::Background Information::]

[IC Information]
Madison's background is relatively shady and always changing. But it's known that her Shyness is specifically around her anti-social life that she had, even though she was nearly a valedictorian believe it or not. It's been noted that her father appeared to abuse her, as she shows heavily a shyness around male figures, although her mood changes appear to change her thoughts around male figures rapidly. As seen her mood changes appear to mainly come from her abuse and neglect as a child, although she tries to always avoid it and stay happy, being a relatively weird figure. During her young years though she worked on blueprints and many other things, all the way to college. Although when the war stroke said work was ceased, ever since then she's relatively kept to her self, opening up only when pressed hard enough, and always feeling the guilt her father put upon her and shame.

(Father) Mark Narvef-Deceased (Pure Hatred)
(Mother) Jessica Plyer-Deceased (Love)
(Sister) Rylee Plyer-Alive, N/A (Hate)
(Brother) Jason Narvef-Deceased (Neutral)
(Brother) Richard Narvef-Deceased (Neutral)
[::Personal Informations:]

[Sexuality] Bisexual
[Hobbies/Interest] Reading, Engineering, Construction, Art, Universal Union and World history.
[Religion] Atheist
[Factional Allegience] Universal Union
[Current Thoughts] "Things are going a bit weird, but I think I'm doing well..."
[::Physical Information::]

[Age] 20
[Sex] Female
[Race] Caucasian
[Skin Color] Pale White
[Hair Color & Style] Black, Layered Hair
[Eye Color] Goldish Hazel eyes
[Physical Appearance]
[Uniformed Apperance]
[Blood Type] AB+
[Weight] 120 Lbs
[Height] 5'4 Feet
[::Mental Information::]

[Mental Status]
75% Mentally Stable
[Mental Disabilities]
Rapid Mood Change, Aniexty, Clinical Depression
[::Up to date Information::]


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