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Post by 04Roker on Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:10 pm

Steam Username: Cheeki-04Roker-Breeki (Just 04Roker)
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Prooddddd21
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:96505720
How old are you?: 14, Soon 15.
What timezone are you living in?: UTC+02:00 *Israel*
How long have you been playing HL2RP?: Like 3 - 4 years.
What other whitelists do you have?: Right now, Non,
But i thinking about OTA.
Have you ever had any experience as a CCA?: Yes, I had.
What is the highest rank you achieved(If applicable)?:
If i become CCA, Then the highest rank is the SeC (Sectoral Commander)
He can do whatever he wish.
How often do you play on the server?:
I sure more then 20 - 30 minutes.
Do you have a decent understanding of how the CCA works on our HL2RP?:
Most likey it depends of the city, But i know how it works in City 8 so: Yes.
Detailed Character Backstory(3 Paragraphs or more. 1 Paragraph contains 5 Sentences):
*One of the Nexus terminals*
<:: Scanning for Citizen Information. ::>
<:: Scanning... ::>
<:: Scanning complected. ::>

<:: Short information about the Citizen. ::>
<:: Name: Natalia Poholsky.(Наталья Похольская)
     CID: #50105. ::>

<:: Short description: ::>
<:: G: Female.
     Skin: White.
     Age: 24
     Height: 6""5.
     Weight: 100-110.    
     Russian look.
     Russian voice.

<:: Stopping scanning information, Scanning Backstroy... ::>
<:: Scanning... ::>
<:: Scanning complected. ::>
<:: Backstory of the Citizen: ::>

Natalia Poholsky was born in december 24, 1992.
Natalia Poholsky was living in Russian, In the city: Tambow.
She wasn't poor and wasn't rich, She was just like everyone.
When Natalia was born, It was very happy moment for Her Parents.
Natalia opened her eyes and saw a strange world and after that cryed like every baby would.
Her Mother worked in factory where basic food products where made.
Her Father worked in electric factory, Nothing much.
In her house, Where she start living She learned everything she needed to know as a young girl.

When Natalia was five years old she went to school, She learned there so many new things, Got some new friends,
What could be better then that?, Welp, Studing, One of the things that was "Speical" about the school it's that it was very serious and that what was hard for Natalia, But she tryed her best, Studying and studying and studying...

After 6 years of being in school, She saw she got a pretty good Zionists (Scores) in israel, She learned from one of her friends who was hebrew.
Her Parents were really proud of her, Feeling it was her best day, Welp who knows.

When she was in middle school she had her friends from the school that were with her 6 years.
"Gosh." Natalia said, "I hope it's going to be fun here, Not like in the other school..."
"Yeah, I hope so too." Said one of her friends, But the one who said that was Alexeyev Vasiliev (Алексеев Васильев.) not a secret that she loved him, Not even when she was in school, Teachers said that in middle school, The connection with boys and girls would be stronger.
When the Teachers would said thoes things She would stare at Alexeyev and thinking only about him... But then studying took her mind...

She learned in six year school type, Just like in the other one She was, Three years middle and then Three years high.

When she was in High school, Gosh...Their knew that their are in love, So their started being on love for real.
Her good Parents that started to get older didn't had problem with that, Their letted them be in love, Their letted Natalia all what she wanted or needed.

When she ended the six school, Three in the middle and three in the high.
She wanted to go to the military with her lover Alexeyev, But couldn't.
She waited years for him, But when he came their already wanted to marry each other, Plus Natalia was studing more for better job so... Their married and wanted kids and find job for each other but then...
An unknown explosion...
explosions in the air, and blue - green lasers were in the air, Not understanding what happened, Their decided to get all what their can get and find a safe place, But while trying to get ready to find safer place she remember her parents, Who wheir old and just tryed to live what their could, She raned to the streets trying to take them with Her, While Alexeyev tryed to stop her but couldn't, Running to her parents she saw a large three leg Alien shooting a blue laser to the house, exploding it, This we're she started losing hope, But she couldn't stand there and die, She raned back to Alexeyev but she meeted with a new destiny...

An unknown units with a grey-blue masks were taking Alexeyev away, She yelled to let him go, But not looking behind there was more units aiming at her, Yelling at her in unknown words for her, She understand that she must go with him too, She walked slowy to Alexeyev, Telling her what happened, Alexeyev tryed to calm her down but couldn't do it too.

Their been taken to a unknown type of ship with a large black crate  were their needed to enter and wait to the unknown...

After landing their saw a old prison, Entered to a old cell together and hope for the good. Their heard that a man called Wallace Breen who said he will make peace with the "CMD", Their taken again to the large unknown ship and flyed to a city, But most shocking thing their heard is that all earth surrendered to the "CMD" more then 7 hours, Some people called it the: "7 Hour War".

But then one of the units said that Alexeyev must be taken to to another city and that Natalia will be taken to another city too seening that their been taken  away their both yelled to let them go, But then in this moment, When she couldn't hold  Alexeyev's hand She lost all her hope...
losing all what she wanted in her life was gone and then She got knocked off and taken to what she heard "City 8".

Explain your duties as a CCA RCT/05:
RCT is a more then a Citizen with a CCA uniform, Who must be trained to be a real CCA unit.
While 05 is a Citizen who's better then RCT, Got brainwashed and won't have the ability to feel, Only pain was their feeling.
05 becomes more robotic into 5%, Most likely only their brain.
Please provide a detailed RP scenario of you arresting a citizen!
*One of the streets of City 8*
CCA:C008:UNION:i05: ***Holding the Stunstick holder while walking in the streets***
CCA:C008:UNION:i05 radios: <:: 10-8, Standing by, Starting 10-50 in Sector - 2, Over. ::>
CCA:C008:UNION:DvL radios: <:: 10-4. ::>
UNION i05 patrols Sector - 2 but then...
CCA:C008:UNION:i05 radios: <:: I saw a Citizen doing Level 1 Violations, Running, Over. ::>
CCA:C008:UNION:DvL radios: <:: 10-4, Re-Education him if he refuse to face the wall, Add more Verdict Points. ::>
CCA:C008:UNION:i05 radios: <:: 10-4, Running after the Citizen. ::>
*After a few runs*
CCA:C008:UNION:i05 yells: <:: Citizen, Don't move! ::>
CCA:C008:UNION:i05: ***Walks fast to the Citizen, Looking at him and being rious with him.***
Citizen 1 says: "Ugh... Yes S.Sir?"
CCA:C008:UNION:i05 says: <:: It's a Ma'am for you... Now face the wall! ::>
Citizen 1 says: "Sorry, All the units are looking the same..."
Citizen 1: ***Walks to the local wall, Facing it***
CCA:C008:UNION:i05: ***Grabs one Ziptie attepmting to the Tie the Citizen (Resist?)
Citizen 1: ***Would try to resist before getting tied.***
CCCA:C008:UNION:i05: *** Before he could try ran away she grabs him and pushing to the wall making him feel painful.***
CCA:C008:UNION:i05 rolls: 59 out of 100
Citizen 1 rolls: 38 out of 100
CCA:C008:UNION:i05: ***Grabs his right arm and pushing his other body to the wall, Trying to make him feel painful because of pushing the hand to the unit.***
Citizen 1 says: "Ugh!, It hurts!, GOD!"
CCA:C008:UNION:i05: ***While holding his right hand she grabs the zip tie, cuffing him his right hand and then his left hand.(Resist again?)
Citizen 1: ***Won't try to resist because of the pain.***
CCA:C008:UNION:i05: ***Ties him up and would search him.***
CCA:C008:UNION:i05 says: <:: You are clear, But... ::>
CCA:C008:UNION:i05 says: <:: We still have something to do... ::>
CCA:C008:UNION:i05: ***Unlocks her stunstick holder, Grabbing her stunstick putting it to low mode.***
CCA:C008:UNION:i05: ***Attempts to hit the Citizen two times at the chest, Making him feel some pain.***
CCA:C008:UNION:i05: ***Putting her stunstick to safe mode and puts it to the holder locking it so it wouldn't be taken, Would look at the Citizen asking him:***
CCA:C008:UNION:i05 says: <:: Citizen, Apply if you don't want more... ::>
Citizen 1 says: Citizen 1, CID: #87412.
Citizen 1: ***While trying to say something he feels pain and takes his words back.***
CCA:C008:UNION:i05: ***Grab her Database, Writing the name of the Citizen and his CID, And writing some stuff.***
The CCA:C008:UNION:i05 puts 3 verdict Points and reasons, 2 for doing Level 1 violations and 3 for resisting
CCA:C008:UNION:i05 says: <:: And don't you dare running and breaking Level 1 violation and i promise you, You will get it harder and more painful. ::>
Citizen 1 says: "Understood..."
Citizen 1: ***Walks away slowy feeling some pain in the back***
CCA:C008:UNION:i05 radios: <:: I go the Citizen, He got what he needed. ::>
CCA:C008:UNION:DvL radios: <:: 10-4, Keep 10-50, Over.
CCA:C008:UNION:i05: radios: <:: 10-4. ::>
CCA:C008:UNION:i05 Walks away and keeps her patrol.
*Just saying that 05 aren't very good in arresting, Their good only to patrol and just being sure that there is no one breaking one of the basic violations, If there is someone who is like Level - 7 violation, 05 must report it to higher ranks so duel with him, That's My opinion.*
-End of the Application-


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