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Post by Babylon98 on Sun May 28, 2017 10:01 am

Warning You are attempting to open a Classified Document without the proper clearance parameters, Amputation May Follow, You have been warned!

9:00 AM: Resonance Cascade occurs at [DATA REDACTED] after Sample G-████ was inserted into the Anti-Mass Spectrometer in sector [DATA EXPUNGED]

9:45 AM: Contact was lost with [REDACTED]

12:30 PM: Re-containment of the Resonance Cascade Begun with the dispatching of [DATA EXPUNGED] Team ████-████

12:55 PM: Contact was lost with most if not all of the [DATA REDACTED] Team ████-████

3:30 PM: Contact was re-established with [DATA EXPUNGED] Evac teams dispatched.

4:30 PM: Unknown Missile launched from Section [REDACTED] Contact with [DATA EXPUNGED] was established shortly afterward.

7:30 PM: Special Operations teams were sent in to search and terminate any remaining personnel on site.

8:50 AM: Orders were sent to kill [DATA REDACTED] and anyone in Sector [EXPUNGED]

9:12 AM: Subject [REDACTED] went into Complex [DATA EXPUNGED]

10:30 AM: Massive Radiation readings were tracked from the complex Reactor System. Teams were sent into investigate.

11:45 AM: Contact lost with the teams ████-████ and ████. Further investigation was required.

12:30 PM: Mysterious Radiation Readings came from the [DATA EXPUNGED]

12:45 PM: [DATA EXPUNGED] Collapsed Killing anyone without Proper protection.

2:30 PM: Race [REDACTED] began infesting[DATA EXPUNGED] with brute force.

4:40 PM: Race [REDACTED] killed most remaining personnel within.

6:30 PM: [DATA EXPUNGED] Research Facility was destroyed by a Nuclear Warhead as the last Procedure to Re-Contain the Disaster.

Post-Portal Storm Logs:

Thursday, March 15th 200█: Portal storms begin to hit the US and other Regions in the world. Xenian Species begin to infest streets of most major cities. Military Units were dispatched.

Friday, May 1st 200█: Portal storms and Xenian Species infest most major cities of the earth.

Saturday, May 10th 200█: Massive Droughts and famine begin to hit most major cities

Monday, May 12th 200█: Universal Union Ships begin to Invade the Planet.

Monday, May 12th 200█: 7 Hours pass and the Universal Union Decimates most Major Armies in the world.

Monday, May 12th 200█: Administrator Breen of the [DATA EXPUNGED] announced that Earth surrenders to the Universal Union

Thursday, May 15th 200█: Most Major Universal Union Cities are Established

Friday, May 16th 200█: First Sectorial and Commander are put into power in City-[DATA REDACTED]. Commander [REDACTED] and Sectorial [EXPUNGED]

Monday, May 20th 200█: Administrator Breen of the [DATA EXPUNGED] was established as Earths Administrator

Friday, October 5th 200█: Extremist groups known as UETF and Lambda have been located in Outlands of City-8, City-45, City-18, City-2.

Monday, November 1st 200█: Conscripted batallion was established.

Saturday, November 6th 200█: Conscripted Batallion destroyed by UETF forces.

Sunday, November 7th 200█: Overwatch-Transhuman-Arm Deployed to [REDACTED] in hopes of finding [EXPUNGED]

Monday, November 8th 200█: Device Codename [DATA REDACTED] began construction.

Saturday, July 7th 200█: Device [DATA EXPUNGED] was put into effect, UETF Forces diminished slowly as [DATA EXPUNGED] Continued its attack

Sunday, July 8th 200█: Device [DATA EXPUNGED] Overheated and killed ████████ Over-Watch-Transhuman-Arm.


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