GHOST Application Format (Used for CCA To apply ICLY To GHOST)

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GHOST Application Format (Used for CCA To apply ICLY To GHOST)

Post by Babylon98 on Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:33 pm

"Hello Civil Protection Authority UNIT NAME HERE. You are applying to the GHOST Division of the CCA. Would you like to apply? (Y) (N)


"Hello, UNIT NAME HERE. Please fill out this forum of questions for GHOST."

Unit Digits:



Skills that would benefit the GHOST Division:

Do you have some sort of basic knowledge of Special Operations, if so please explain (If applicable):

Do you wish to give up your current rank as well as your Division and most friends known to you to help fight for the Universal Union?:

Do you wish to undergo Minor Augmentations?(All Augmentations Undergone by HELIX divisional 985 or when other units of Augmentation training are present and available):

Do you ever dare to turn away from the GHOST Division?:

"Logging out. Sending Application to High Commanding Officer of your Division."

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